Mia Kolbeinsen
Mia Kolbeinsen Young

Mia Kolbeinsen

Kommunikasjonsleder, Bymiljøetaten i Oslo kommune.

Mia leads a team of Oslo-enthusiasts who are truly engaged in inspiring and communicating with the cities inhabitants.

She has formerly worked as advisor and partner in PR agencies with both strategic and operative communication, for customers in the private, public and NGO sector. She has worked for clients within fishery, energy, transport, to gen ecology. Before that she worked in an other creative form of communication, as a floral decorist. 

In 2015, she and her colleague Cecilie were finalists for the prize "Årets Sosiale Medier Ildsjel", and were in 2017 winners of the prize "Årets Sosiale Medier Fagmiljø" under Social Media Days.