Better digital services. Design for people!

Learn to find problems to solve, organise, design, build and grow successful services. Let's meet at Youngstorget in Oslo, September 25th to 27th!

Sure! Please keep me updated!

Get info about speakers and other details about Y. You will also get a special treatment when we launch 1st of April. No funny business, promise.

Is Y for me?

Are you involved in designing, building or growing a digital service/product at a company or in the public sector? Or, do you hunt for new problems to solve for your customers? Y is for all you out there trying to succeed with people-centered services and products.

You could be in IT, digital, design, marketing, product or innovation. Or you could be designers, techies or consultants helping companies succeed. Or startups that want to become even better o connect with the bigger companies? Welcome to Y!