Leah Reich
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Leah Reich

Senior User Researcher, Spotify

Leah Reich, PhD is an ethnographer and writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work explores the intersection of the personal and the universal, the tactical and the fundamental – how each illuminates the other, and how together they help us navigate the joys and challenges of being human.

She currently works at Spotify as a senior user researcher focusing on the core experience of music consumers. Prior to joining Spotify, she was Slack's first user researcher, where she helped develop a deeply human user research practice and discipline that gave product teams the insights necessary to ship features while also providing them with a deeper, more foundational understanding of their users and the product. 

A long-time essayist and columnist, Leah most recently wrote an advice column for The Verge called "How To Be Human."

Understanding humans (en)

Are you really fixing your customer's problem?

Are you sure you really understand the core human experience to the problem you are trying to solve with digital solutions? With her impressive background from user research in Slack and now Spotify, Leah will address issues around trust and technology and reflect around the digital experience versus the human experience.

This talk will be on Thursday.