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Gerry McGovern
Gerry McGovern Young

Gerry McGovern

Customer experience expert, Customer Carewords

Gerry MgGovern is a world famous capacity within customer experience. He helps large organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, Dropbox and IBM to deliver better customer experiences. He has also worked for the UN and the American, British, Dutch, Canadian and Norwegian government.

Gerry has developed a model to improve the customer experience by identifying the most vital customer tasks (top tasks). He is a very popular speaker internationally and has written six books about digital costumer experience, His last book was called Transform: A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation.

Creating a customer centered organisation (En)

Welcome to an exciting workshop with one of the world's foremost experts in the customer experience. Gerry has worked closely with customers worldwide, has written several textbooks on customer experience and is also a fabulous speaker and motivator. Customer experience trumps everything, but how to create a culture where customer experience is at the center of everything the organization doing?

The Journey to Customer Centricity (En)

Create a new culture based on simplicity, flexibility and empathy.

How the Web has brought us on a journey from an organization-centric universe to a people and customer-centric one. How digital is the agent of transformation, not the purpose of transformation. How our purpose and focus should be on embracing a new culture based on simplicity, flexibility and empathy. This is how we will deliver a truly excellent customer experience.