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Sanjay Poyzer
Sanjay Poyzer Young

Sanjay Poyzer

Tjenestedesigner, Den britiske regjeringa;

Sanjay er tjenestedesigner i Han arbeider med en gruppe designere i for å reformere og forbedre forholdet mellom innbyggerne og staten. Ingen liten oppgave der, altså:). Sanjay har en bakgrunn fra musikk og design for sosial påvirkning, og startet karrieren sin som med-grunnlegger av startupen, om samarbeidende demokrati, og det interaktive kunstarrangementet Brainchild Festival

Scaling service design and the challenge of problem-caring (en)

Delivering public services that truly meet user needs involves some big changes.

Often this involves things like channel shift, overhauling back-end processes and introducing new technology. Basically, making sure that public services respond to technological and structural progress. Making sure they meet user needs and can continue to meet those needs.

The annoying thing about progress though is that it never stops.

In the past we thought things might be fixed at some point. We’d do the modernisation and then think that the world would just stop changing somehow in respect of the fact that we put a lot of effort into being ahead.

This perspective might have made sense when we had to wait more than 100 years between the invention of the telephone and the first home computer connected to the Internet, but makes literally no sense now.
The world is changing every day, and that change is getting faster.
Problems that are never finished need a different kind of solving - a kind of iterative problem-caring, rather than problem-solving.

So how do we do that? And what are the barriers we all need to overcome to be able to make real change for the long term?

Real life is messy and compicated, so we need public services that are inclusive, adaptable, and built for users.