Cheryl Platz

Senior Designer, Microsoft

"The energy at Webdagene was unique and infectious, extending across language barriers. The folks at Netlife put thought into every detail of the conference itself, and made the whirlwind 2 days an experience to remember. Webdagene clearly makes an effort to further inclusion in the industry - 2017 featured a very balanced lineup in terms of gender and age, including some unique speakers. That effort is appreciated and fuels the sense of community. It was also an interesting blend of forward-thinking strategic talks, case studies, and more tactical, immediately applicable topics.

As a speaker I felt well taken care of - provided with welcome contacts and assistance to the (massive) venue, which was just blocks away from the hotel. The A/V experience was top notch: no issues from what I could see during the entire conference, which is incredibly impressive. And talks were online nearly instantaneously afterwards! Amazing audience, welcoming hosts, great production values - all added up to a memorable experience.
I've also found that speaking at Webdagene has opened up several additional doors for me, and I'm grateful for that experience."