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Workshops October 18th!

You'll leave even wiser after three days of digital refill than after "only" two, right?! Sign up for a workshop the day before Webdagene! Join us a day early for a deep dive into customer experience with Gerry McGovern.

For people outside Norway the price will be 8000 NOK + VAT. Workshops can only be purchased together with a Webdagene ticket.

Workshop 1: Creating a customer centered organisation (En)

Creating a customer centered organisation (En)
- med Gerry McGovern.

Gerry McGovern

We have to admit it; we are real fans of Gerry McGovern! The customer adventures geeks that we are, there are few others in this world who can match his expertise in that area.  

Welcome to an exciting workshop with one of the world's foremost experts in the customer experience. Gerry has worked closely with customers worldwide, has written several textbooks on customer experience and is also a fabulous speaker and motivator. Customer experience trumps everything, but how to create a culture where customer experience is at the center of everything the organization doing?

One thing is for sure, Gerry goes in-depth  when he asks us to transform the customer experience. The workshop will be spiced up with case studies from businesses Gerry has worked with for the last 30 years. We promise good discussions and a lot of customer love. Are you working to create a culture of good customer experiences in your business, you will not miss this workshop.


  • How to go from being an organization that want to make it, to actually make it?
  • How do you create an organizational mindset and culture, what are the criteria for success and pitfalls?
  • Learn about what it takes to build a customer-centric organization.

Gerry will add some spice to the workshop with practical examples and he want to elicit the rebel in you. Come and learn and be inspired!

Max 50 participants 
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Location: TBA
Price: 8000 NOK (together with the 2-day conference ticket)

Workshops can only be purchased together with a Webdagene ticket.