Google Design Sprint

Google Design Sprint With Your Own Jake Button! Jake has completed more than 150 sprinter with all kinds of businesses. Come and learn from the sprint manager himself and the man behind the book "Sprint".

Designsprint er en metode for å få svar på store spørsmål raskt. Lær hva det er og hvordan du kan gjennomføre den selv gjennom en intens men morsom workshop. Vi jobber gjennom en sprint – som normalt sett tar fem dager – på bare én dag!

Phase 1: Customer journey
We make a simplified customer card and choose a target group and a pain point we want to focus on in the sprint. You learn to lay the foundation for the customer card by setting up optimistic, long-term goals and rewording for sprints. In addition, you get tips on how to interview experts and gain valuable insight into the issue in the sprint.

Phase 2: Sketch
Instead of group brainstorming, which may occasionally limit creativity, you will learn how we work individually to bring out the best ideas from each individual. To create concrete, detailed solutions, all sketching (no requirement for drawing skills) must be done. Sketching is usually reserved for designers and artists, but it gives a unique opportunity for each team participant to contribute to the solution on equal terms. You will learn how to easily create simple understandable sketches.

Phase 3: Make decisions
Group decisions can be a nightmare that leads to endless debates. In the sprint, you use structured decision making to make use of everyone's skills at the same time, without time-consuming group discussions. You learn to help your team through making better and faster decisions.

Phase 4: Proto type
Now we have come to the heart of the sprint: Make a realistic prototype in one day. Learn why this approach is important to businesses and how to choose the right technique to prototype a product or service.

Phase 5: Test on your users
On the last day of the design print, the team tests the prototype with real users from the target audience. You will learn how to structure the test interviews to ensure that you get answers to the most important questions.

Whew! After working through all the steps in the sprint you will be well equipped to try out Google Design Sprint on your own.

Time of day: Wednesday 17th of October at 09.00 am-05.00pm (incl. lunch)

Jake Knapp

Author, speaker and blogger