Design for the next thing (english)

Let's prototype an AI product!

In this hands-on session you will come up with and design a product driven by machine learning. Explore the new digital interactions that arise out of machine learning, and how to get used to these interactions in your work today. Your guide is the designer Josh Clark, the author of Designing for Touch, and ambassador for the near future. When we build our prototype together, you learn the practical process, techniques, and design patterns for the design of machine-created content and interaction. In addition, you will pick up lessons and perspectives for design for growing platforms. You will learn new UX techniques for services and brand across "future technology" such as speech, butter, physical interfaces and artificial intelligence. You are going to go home inspired to create.

You will learn:

  • Understand machine learning technologies that are easily accessible and ready for use as design materials now, and learn how to fit into your products and processes.
  • Use some of the new Smart / AI Interface prototype tools.
  • Use play and experimentation to create genuine products with new technology.
  • Use familiar design techniques in new context and discover new ways to design for smart / AI interfaces.
  • Create honest interface that controls expectations and guides behaviors that match the system's actual capabilities.
  • To give your interface a subtle body language to imply to the user how new services work.
  • To establish new design principles for presentation of machine-generated content and engineered conclusions and interactions.
  • To define the essentials of the service you offer. What is constant across all platforms? What are the unique possibilities of each of the emerging channels to improve or extend the essentials of your service?

Time of day: Wednesday 17th of October at 09.00am-03.00pm (incl. lunch)

Josh Clark

Entrepreneur and interaction designer
Big Medium