The dark net

The internet is not for wimps! Get ready to dive into the world wide undergrounds of the web.

The dark net (en)

The internet is not only amazing. In the intrusion of intranets, hackers, extremists and drug addicts live side by side with different groups of deviants. Together with Jamie we are going to dive into the depths of the Internet. Too naive - we can not be, right!

Back in the 1990s, US Navy researchers wanted to find a way to browse the web secretly and securely. They made the Tor browser. At the time, the encryption worked. The only thing one could pick up about the user, was that he/she was using the Tor browser. So all the US Navy users were exposed. They therefore decided to open source it, and it was embraced by a wide range of users.

Now, you will find everything from black markets to political propaganda through the browser. This was also the first place they started using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, way before any other markets.