Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is a Designer, Art Director and Partner at Sagmeister & Walsh

Håkon Moslet

Håkon is the Editor In Chief for tv in NRK P3

Jessica Shortall

Jessica is the Managing Director at Texas Competes

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie is a writer, a journalist, and Director of Centre for Analysis of Social Media at Demos

Eva Jarbekk

Eva is a lawyer and partner in Føyen Torkildsen

Mandy Mandelstein

Mandy is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Luxloop

Cheryl Platz

Cheryl works as a Senior Designer in Microsoft

​Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra is an interaction designer and entrepreneur of Designswarm.

Erik Modig

Erik is a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Kristin Magnussen

Kristin is only 15 years old, she is a student at Bryne Secondary school.

Jostein Magnussen

Jostein is one of the founders of Netlife, and works with strategy and business development

Gerry McGovern

Gerry is the king of customer experience.

Sandhjay Poyzer

Sanjay is a Service Designer in the UK government

Tale Maria Krohn Engvik

Tale Maria Krohn Engvik is a school nurse at Nordre Aker bydel.

Ove Dalen

Ove is the Chief Adviser at Netlife Research. 

Leah Reich

Leah works as a Senior User Researcher at Spotify

Klara Vatn

Klara is a concept developer at NRK.

Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus is a trendspotter, futurist and author

Ida Aalen

Ida is a guru in social media, digital strategy and user experience. 

Eivind Lund

Eivind works as a Strategy and Content Advisor Netlife Research

Marius Aabel

Marius is one of the founders of No Isolation.

Cecilie Vaagen Smestad

Cecilie is a project manager in Netlife Design

Anja Schönhaug

Anja is CCO at Netlife Design

Guro Røberg

Guro works with strategy and business development in Netlife Dialog

Louise Fuchs

Louise Fuchs is the Director of Communications, Schibsted Media Group.

Mia Kolbeinsen

Mia works as a leader for communication and marketing, Department of Urban Environment, Oslo Municipality

Cecilie Cottis Østreng

Cecilie works as a Communication Advisor for the Municipality of Oslo