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Jessica Shortall
Jessica Shortall Young

Jessica Shortall

Daglig leder, Texas Competes

Jessica believes that the world isn’t as divided as we might think, so she spends her time looking for common ground among uncommon allies in order to make good happen.

Most recently, Jessica built Texas Competes, a coalition of more than 1,200 Texas employers making the data-driven case for the state to be welcoming to LGBTQ people. This business-oriented voice has become a national model. 

In 2015, Jessica published s a survival guide for breastfeeding and going back to work called Work. Pump. Repeat.

She was the first Director of Giving at TOMS Shoes, building out the company’s One for One giving mission around the world. Early in her career, Jessica co-founded and franchised a student-led hunger relief non-profit organization, The Campus Kitchens Project, that is now active in more than 50 U.S. cities.

Jessica has an MBA from Oxford, where she was a Skoll Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children.

Being Human at Work

So far, there are more people than robots in our workplaces. How can we become more generous bosses and colleagues?

We hear a lot that in order to create great digital customer experiences, we have to be curious about our customers - that this curiosity will lead us in the right direction. But what about the people around us, with whom we are co-creating those customer experiences? What about our own colleagues? Maybe it`s time we started being curious about each other's humanity at work, too.

TEDx and SXSW keynote speaker, social entrepreneur, and human rights advocate Jessica Shortall will close Webdagene 2017 with a talk about the simple and complicated task of Being Human at Work. On many dimensions - gender, family, identity, health - workers are expected to leave their humanity at home. This approach hurts morale, productivity, and innovation - and it's simply unsustainable. With case studies, data, and real stories, Jessica will talk about what happens when humanity is shoved out of the workplace - and all the good that can happen when workplaces are fully human.