Eivind Lund
Eivind Lund Young

Eivind Lund

Team Leader, Netlife Research

Eivind has a lot of experience in working with branding with everything from governmental agencies to Norways biggest airline company. He is a great at sharing his knowledge and experience in a understandable, engaging way. 

Eivind knows how deep analysis can be translated into a clear, accessible strategy, and will be eager to help implement it.

He has also been a web editor for big businesses and organizations before, both in the private and public sector, and he knows how hard of a job that can be. 

At Webdagene in October, Eivind will be giving us the key to a complete, great customer experience across all channels. That key is Branding.

What he, most of all, wants to get out of his talk, is that all the listeners will feel a little bit safer and be a little more equipped to deliver magnificent customer experiences through simply being the best version of themselves. 

Vær deg sjæl. Et (litt) irriterende foredrag om å rendyrke merkevaren (no)

This talk will be in Norwegian.

Eivind will talk in Norwegian.