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Cheryl Platz
Cheryl Platz Young

Cheryl Platz

Senior Designer, Microsoft

Cheryl Platz is the Design Lead for Microsoft’s Azure management portal and marketplaces. She specializes in designing for natural user interfaces (NUI), applied storytelling in design, and taming complexity in any manifestation.

Her considerable NUI experience includes time designing cutting-edge voice and multimodal experiences for Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and the Windows Automotive team. Her more traditional experience spans video games, server management products, websites, and even theme parks.

In her spare time, Cheryl is a professional actress specializing in improvisational theater and live Internet broadcast media.

The voice of the future

What works and what does not work with voice control technology?

Voice user interfaces (VUI) are a hot topic in the public eye, but a deeper look reveals this technology is still in its infancy. We examine the biggest unsolved problems and resulting opportunities that must be solved before voice UI is truly humanistic or conversational.