Cecilie Cottis Østreng
Cecilie Cottis Østreng Young

Cecilie Cottis Østreng

Kommunikasjonsrådgiver, Bymiljøetaten i Oslo kommune

Cecilie works as a communication advisor in the department of urban environment in Oslo Municipality. She is the Departments friendly, understanding, patient voice on Facebook. She is highly engaged in the dialogue with every person she meets on social media, that every encounter is to be experienced as good and respectful, even when the subject is hard and full of conflict.

Next to being a skilled, creative communicator, Cecilie is also a social worker and poet, and has worked many years as a social worker. She is educated in communication, graphic design and sociology. In 2015 Cecilie was finalist as "Årets sosiale medier ildsjel", and in 2017 she was part of the team that won "Årets sosiale medier fagmiljø" under Social Media Days.